American Pioneer Manufacturing

Who We Are

Welcome to American Pioneer Manufacturing, where we are redefining "Made in America" for a global marketplace. We are a new company, established in 2012, but we are grounded in the frontier spirit and work ethic that once made American manufacturing the envy of the world. The Red Barn in New Waterford, Ohio -our headquarters- is a restored ceramics factory in the Ohio Valley, the former "pottery capital of the United States". In this storied location, we are creating a new endeavor, which incorporates the best manufacturing technology and ideas from around the world.

Our founder, Ulrich Honighausen, grew up watching his father make specialized components for the aerospace industry in Northern California. He absorbed his father 's passion for making things and making them right. As an entrepreneur, Ulrich built Hausenware, a successful ceramics importing business with customers such as Crate & Barrel and Starbucks. Throughout the growth of his business, Ulrich always hoped to find a way to manufacture ceramics stateside. In 2011, when Starbucks' chairman, Howard Schultz, challenged American businesses in his "Create Jobs for USA" campaign, Ulrich decided that the time was right for American workers to make ceramics again.

American Pioneer Manufacturing is a partnership between Ulrich and Mr. Kazuharu Kato, owner of Kayo Toki, a Japanese ceramics manufacturer with decades of experience. We are replicating the Japanese factory environment by using the same efficient machinery and processes that operate in Mr. Kato's factory. Additionally, we utilize the well-respected Japanese philosophy of "continuous improvement," which makes 'never being satisfied' a way of life. We also rely on the wisdom of local workers who learned how to make ceramics from their parents and grandparents, effectively combining the traditions of two great manufacturing cultures.

Transitioning to modern equipment requires our employees to upgrade their skills and work as a team like never before. Continuous improvement techniques challenge everyone on the factory floor to be innovative, learn constantly and make decisions quickly. Our people are passionate about manufacturing and thrive in an environment where the job changes every day. The work is not easy, but the results are worth it. Being a part of American Pioneer Manufacturing means being a part of something historic - the return of American ceramics manufacturing.